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any product

A centralized customer feedback and lead capture tool for the any product

Identify and collect leads

Get to know what prospective customers are looking out for.

Analyze critical information

Make sure your leads don’t get lost in this web of data.

Keep them in loop

Get in touch with potential customers by letting them know about your offerings.

How can Jorip Feedback help in the any Sector?

Identify issues in your business

Give your customers the chance to vent out their frustration about dissatisfactory quality or any delays caused by you.

Thoroughly analyze data reports

Determine what went wrong and formulate a strategy to deal with it in the most efficient manner.

Resolve issues in real-time

Don’t waste any time when you come across an issue. Take all possible measures and ensure the problem is solved.

Feedback breakdown

Segregate all the feedback based on department, staff-member or any other parameter as deemed appropriate.

Manage your staff

Your staff can be an asset to your business, provided they’re managed properly.